Illustration: Black Inventions

By Antoinette Barr-Cooper

Black History Month is the month of February, and it was established to appreciate and recognize what African American people have done to impact today’s society. Black History Month isn’t just a month to bring awareness about the struggles African American’s have faced over time. It is a time to celebrate and recognize the astonishing things African Americans have done to help all of us.  Many of today’s products were created by black inventors, but many people are unaware of this today. A lot of these inventions are very important and essential to many lives. Without African Americans, many of today’s inventions would not be here.

Augustus Justice invented ice cream in 1833.

Blood plasma bag was invented in February 1941 by Charles Drew.

Philip B Downing invented the mailbox, Oct. 27, 1893.

An image x-ray was created in 1893 by Thomas W. Stewart.

George Washington Carver invented peanut butter.

The cellular car phone was invented in July 1975 by Henry T. Sampson.

Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light in 1923.

Robert F. Flemming Jr. invented the guitar, Mar. 3, 1866.

Potato chips were invented by Huram S. Thomas in 1865.

Thomas B. Stewart invented the mop in 1893.

March 1892, Thomas J. Martin invented the fire extinguisher.