Unexpected: A Senior Perspective on COVID-19 and Online Learning

Being a student in the time of COVID-19 is tough; it’s hard to become a fully online student when you were in-person your entire academic career. It’s a huge transition that basically all youth worldwide have had to deal with this year. I’ve found that entering senior year the way that we have has not been too difficult, rather more disappointing. 

As a freshman, when I would walk through the giant entrance doors at East, I wasn’t quite sure if the next four years would be the best or the worst four years of my life. So far, they’ve proved to just be four years of my life. I quickly realized in the sea of people that I had no real desire to talk to everyone, as some people do. This rang true when the first dance rolled around–I didn’t want to go at all. To me, it just sounded like a concert but without good music and a ton of sweaty teenagers. So, what I did was kind of stupid in retrospect: I decided I wasn’t going to force myself to go to anything I didn’t want to until senior year. In my head, senior year was the year of forcing myself to go to social events rather than just telling my friends maybe and not showing up. It didn’t really hit me that my genius plan was screwed until I joined my first class senior year in a Google Meet.

Becoming a virtual student suddenly is tough for any grade. I’ve spent this year trying not to lose track of assignments and their corresponding links, turning in homework super late and a few times I actually completely forgot about some assignments. It’s really a super convenient time to be unorganized, 10/10. Although this year is super annoying in every way I can think of, my bed is telling me the pros are really outweighing the cons when I don’t have to leave my bed to attend my classes.

Basically, my senior year is in no way what I expected BUT I like sleeping in, so it’s cool.