MLK Day is About More Than a Birthday

By Antoinette Barr-Cooper

Martin Luther King Day is not only a day to celebrate Dr. King’s birthday, but it is also a day to celebrate the life of Dr. King and how he has impacted us all today. Martin Luther King Day started in the fall of 1983, when President Ronald Reagan signed the bill for it to be a national holiday. Not all states started off celebrating the holiday. However, as the years have progressed, more people started to celebrate it to honor and recognize the hard work and determination he showed in working to stop segregation. 

In the month of January, every third Monday, we give recognition to Martin Luther King because he was a very strong and intelligent man who had a dream that every race and nationality would come together and accept one another for who they truly are. He believed that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of the color of their skin. He gave his life to fight for freedom and equality in America. Dr. King has had such a huge impact on today’s society because without him, there would probably still be segregation, and less freedom for a lot of people of color. 

Martin Luther King said and did things that other people were too afraid to say or do. When no one else spoke up about the tragic reality of being judged or belittled because the color of their skin, he did. Dr. King received beatings, bombings, and threats. He was even incarcerated about 30 times, yet he still made his and other Americans’ dreams come true.