2020 Fashion Trends: a (Scathing) Review

By Maddy Levin

In the words of fashion connoisseur Miranda Priestly–played by Meryl Streep in the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada–“Florals…for spring? Groundbreaking.” Indeed, many fashion trends of 2020 were truly groundbreaking, although others made us want to scream in our best Miranda Priestly voice, “You have no style or fashion sense.” And yes, these judgements are not debatable. 

With quarantine came many new trends, such as whipped coffee, binge-watching Tiger King like it was the best show on Earth (even though it really wasn’t that good), and–back from 2010–tie-dye. From bucket hats to sweatshirts, lockdown made us dye everything with hideous rainbow colors that were bound to stain the floor (sorry Mom). My verdict on this trend? Hideous. While I can appreciate a good rainbow hoodie, I can’t condone a trend that involves spraying permanent, skin-staining dye on perfectly good clothes. Sorry, but it’s a no from me.

Ahh, tracksuits. What an interesting combination of comfort and style–a combination that should have been left in the 90’s. Run-DMC called and they want their look back! If you couldn’t already tell, I despise this trend with a burning passion. Why on Earth would you wear clothing originally designed for exercise on a date? It baffles me that people are calling this fashion; in fact, fashion should be disgusted for even being associated with this mess of a trend. The only person that looks good in a two-piece sweatsuit is Snoop Dogg; he should be the only one allowed to wear them.

Originally a modest gardening-shoe, Doc Martens made a comeback in the past year, finally proving to the world that cool kids never die. Indeed, the shoe was thought to have reached its peak in the 1980’s, but it made a comeback in 2020, bringing mixed feelings to parents and adolescents alike. While I’m both ashamed and proud to admit I own a pair of Doc Martens (thanks Mom), I have to say this trend was overrated. Is it really fashion if nearly everyone owns a pair of Docs? Not only that, but the shoe is completely impractical, prioritizing fashion over function. Although part of my soul is attached to my Docs, this trend would receive a searing review from Miranda Priestly, and as she is the goddess of fashion, we must obey her rules. 

Cashmere. A scathing no from me. Need I say more?

While I enjoy the name of it, I despise cottagecore fashion. Flowy dresses, floral prints, and straw hats? Suddenly 2020 became the new 1820. Although I will admit the trend is pleasing to the eye, it’s not original; in fact, my ancestors participated in this trend before I even did. If you want to achieve this look, dress as if you were going to make candles so you could bake an apple pie in your dimly lit cottage (too specific?).  

I’ll admit it, I own a pair of these as a joke, but clout goggles were by far the worst fashion trend of 2020. Those hideous circular monstrosities should have been left in 2019, yet they miraculously reappeared like cockroaches, proving once and for all that 2020 brought only the worst of the worst. Now that I think about it, I think I’m going to throw mine away.

So what do I, a fashionista, think of all this? 2020 brought us many things, both good and bad (mostly bad), and we must take this into account when reviewing fashion trends. Maybe it’s because it was a bad year, or maybe I’m just having a bad day, but I truly disliked almost every fashion trend 2020 had to offer. Sorry not sorry. It’s not easy having to be the one to judge all these fashion trends but I do it for a noble cause: fashion. To conclude this review–as Miss Miranda Priestly would say–“That’s all.”