Biden and Harris Make History

By: Carly Boies

On Nov. 7, four days after election day, Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris became the president- and vice president-elect. After a narrow race, Pennsylvania was called for  for Biden, putting them over 270 electoral votes. The race was over.

From the beginning, the Biden campaign has run on a message of unity and healing. His presidential campaign and plan for his term center around controlling the pandemic and rebuilding the economy with the middle class. However, the Biden administration is coming into the White House in the midst of a very harsh year. With everything that has happened, meeting the expectations of the American people is, in itself, a challenge. To fix many of the problems that have arisen in 2020, Biden will first have to gain back the respect for a government that has not served the majority of America for the last four years. This shift, Biden believes, starts with with the ability to listen to one another.

Biden’s messages on communication, kindness and unity are some of the fundamental concepts of his plan to rebuild America. Biden’s speech focused on moving foreward as a country and not just as a party. He calls on everyone to rise above their situations. On Saturday he stated, “Americans have called on us to marshal the forces of decency and the forces of fairness. To marshal the forces of science and the forces of hope in the great battles of our time, and now the work of making this vision real is the task of our time.”

The Biden campaign has already started on a plan to beat COVID-19. One of the first actions Biden took as the president elect was to appoint a group of scientists and doctors, a coronavirus advisory board, who are working to create a proposal for the new government’s actions against COVID-19. “We have the opportunity to defeat the despair and to build a nation of prosperity and purpose,” Biden proclaimed. By rebuilding the economy and society as a whole smarter and more environmentally-friendly, the Biden administration hopes to bring America out of the pandemic and into a better future.

Kamala Harris, the first woman of color to be the vice president, said in her speech on Saturday, “You chose hope and unity, decency, science, and, yes, truth. You chose Joe Biden.” 

The years when we sat idly by and watched the country divide itself by race, gender, opportunity, and politics are over. From now on, America needs to learn to listen instead of talk, and Biden knows this. Communication and kindness are ideals that the Biden Administration holds highly, and they are the only thing that is going to get us out of the mess we are in.

The election of Biden and Harris shows a shift in the opinions of the United States as a whole. This country voted in a leader who represents diversity, a belief in science and a respect in the American people. “We must stop treating our opponents as our enemy,” Biden said in his acceptance speech Saturday, “We are not enemies. We are Americans.” The Biden-Harris campaign has begun to pave the way for a better standard of government, one that will work for the people and for the good of the country. “We, the people, have the power to build a better future,” Harris said in her acceptance speech. It is time for this country to come together and move past our differences. Only together can we win the great battles of our time.