The Anxiety of Online School

By Tonie Barr-Cooper

One of the main problems students deal with throughout high school is anxiety. It is a feeling almost all of us experience at one point in our lives, when we feel worried because of something we fear. Everyday, many people suffer from panic attacks due to their anxiety, which can be developed genetically and through past traumatic life experiences. In the present day, roughly 284 million people around the world have an anxiety disorder. However, anxiety is most common among teenagers and young adults. Many teenagers suffer from anxiety throughout their high school experiences, and although a significant amount of teens learn to cope with it, only a third of them receive treatment, meaning that a majority of high schoolers live their lives anxious and depressed with no help whatsoever.

Quarantine has been tough for a lot of high school students dealing with anxiety because of their fear of failing or not being able to experience the valuable opportunities high school provides them with. A lot of teens worry about completing all of their assignments and passing their classes. However, it is especially difficult because kids aren’t receiving the help at home teachers would give. With online school, it is the student’s choice when they want to learn or complete their schoolwork. Grades are a reflection of hard work during this pandemic. Teachers aren’t reminding students to turn in assignments or to do them like they would if they were actually in school. It is every student’s job to wake up everyday and go to class. So naturally, this whole quarantine process has made kids feel very anxious and depressed. Students aren’t completing tasks to the best of their abilities because of the lack of help or attention they’re receiving. 

Socializing with other teens can already be very difficult in high school, and due to quarantine, it is now very difficult for teens to socialize with one another. Students don’t have the opportunity to socialize with their peers because of online classes, and a lot of students feel anxious to talk in class calls. It can be very intimidating to voice your opinion in front of multiple people without seeing their reaction. Teens have more support in school, and sometimes seeking help outside of an in-person setting can be daunting. A lot of kids receive more help at school because of their close-knit community of friends and trustworthy faculty. This plays a huge role in teen anxiety and depression. Life can be so stressful for teenagers, and a lot of stress can build up to depression. It is important to recognize and acknowledge anxiety symptoms before they become a more serious issue! Be sure to reach out to friends, family and anyone you can trust during this time.