Heating Up

By: John Drumm

The Miami Heat have been one of the most surprising teams of the 2020 NBA season making the finals as a fifth seed, and upsetting the number one seed Bucks on their path to the finals, led by a thirty-one-year-old Jimmy Butler who was thought to be a major locker room problem until he proved himself this season. Alongside Jimmy Butler we have breakout stars such as Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo. Finally we have the supporting players such as Duncan Robinson and Goran Dragic. 

Drafted this year, Tyler Herro has been play has been amazing for a rookie, even putting up thirty seven points in a need-to-win game in the eastern conference finals. He’s an amazing three point shooter and his ability to stretch the floor makes him a player you can’t leave open. The best part is that Tyler Herro will only get better and join other notable rookies from the 2019 class such as Zion Williamson and Ja Morant. 

Bam Adebayo is another young player with this season being his third in the NBA. Bam can produce offensively and is a defensive monster. Similar to Herro, Bam has shown up in this year’s playoffs, playing a huge role in Miami’s run to the finals. 

With the young studs taking a lot of the spotlight this year we can’t skip over the players supporting them. Goran Dragic has been a longtime NBA player and a huge help on this Miami Heat team. Goran is able to run the floor and help this team produce, Goran adds on to the multiple great options of scoring that this team has. 

Duncan Robinson, at one point, was texting analysts asking if he could get in touch to start a career in basketball analysis in his last year at Michigan. Now he’s on top of the basketball world, averaging 13 points and making the NBA finals. He is yet another amazing option for the Miami Heat, with similar scoring capabilities to Tyler Herro. He’s a consistent and major threat from deep resulting in Miami being able to stretch the floor well. 

Now we can talk about the man leading this team: Jimmy Butler. He was kicked out of the house by his mother at the age of 13 and his future became unclear from there on. In a game during his senior season of high school, Jimmy Butler got his first fan in an upcoming 9th grader. They became close friends and started to spend lots of time at his house, and eventually his friend’s mom adopted him under one condition, work hard and set a good example. However, after his year of hard work, he wasn’t recruited by any colleges and went to junior college to play basketball. Luckily, while playing one of his games a scout for Marquette was present and saw potential in Jimmy and later giving him a scholarship offer. At Marquette, Jimmy started to improve his game, and even found a father figure in Buzz Williams, the coach for Marquette. 

Eventually, after countless hours of hard work and dedication, Jimmy was drafted in the 2011 class at the 30th overall pick to the Chicago bulls. His journey to stardom didn’t start there, as he only averaged two points per game in his rookie season. However, as he spent more and more time in the league, his stats and game began to improve and eventually was selected as an all-star in 2015. Now he is leading this Miami Heat team to the NBA Finals, and has finally obtained the respect of the league. 

Overall, this Miami Heat team is one of the most inspirational and shocking teams, as they had to overcome so much doubt to get where they are today. I believe that this team will be a contender for years to come with their strong core and veteran players. This team has a bright future.