NFL Opinion – Should We Even Have a Season?

By: Teague Roark

Based on the way that sports such as baseball have been run, the NFL might want to start rethinking their plan for the 2020 season. The NFL won’t be doing a bubble, or a concept where all players will be staying together without any contact with the outside world, like the NBA and NHL. The MLB–also not following the bubble format–started a few weeks ago, and has been nothing short of a disaster.

The MLB has already been forced to postpone a shocking 30 games, mainly due to the Miami Marlins, who reported having 15 players and two staff members test positive for COVID-19. Other teams such as the St. Louis Cardinals have also reported players testing positive. Fortunately for the MLB, it is quite easy to re-schedule postponed games, but a different concept like the NBA bubble to help keep players safe would still likely be a better option for the NFL.

Of course, there are changes in the way the game will be played. Players around the nation were told virtually that all preseason games are to be cancelled, due to the constant risk of COVID-19. This will have a large toll on many young teams such as the Broncos, and will prove the season as even more of a challenge for rookies like the Broncos wide receivers Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler. The Broncos head coach, Vic Fangio, says he trusts the rookies, and he is confident about his team going into week one. Besides that, the stakes are as still high as ever, given they will be forced to adapt to the change of the NFL, before even getting a chance to play.

I am personally in support of having a season, not only because of my excitement to watch the sport or my excitement about my fantasy team, but also because of the national support for the NFL. People all over the world watch it on TV, and people are watching TV now more than ever. Football is a common part of the American culture, and as of right now, we could really use some culture and some entertainment.