New Choppa: The Career of Rap Legend Playboi Carti

Written By John Drumm and Sam Stovall

The musical artist Playboi Carti has been a source of controversy throughout his rapping career due to his unique flow, inconsistent music releases and most of his music being leaked. Playboi Carti’s career started as Sir Cartier when he released a mixtape named Young Misfit on Nov. 12, 2012. When he turned 17, he changed his name to the now famous Playboi Carti and started gaining traction with his first hit titled “Broke Boi”. Fast forward to Apr. 14, 2017, where he dropped his debut album labeled “Self titled”. This album consists of some of Carti’s most popular songs such as Magnolia and wokeuplikethis*. Both of these songs started Playboi Carti’s path to fame in early 2017 and exploded the artist into mainstream hip hop. 

However, Carti’s fame wasn’t all accredited to him, seeing to it that other major rappers and groups such as Lil Uzi Vert and A$AP Mob helped Carti go mainstream. Lil Uzi vert and Playboi Carti collaborated on creating hit songs such as Lookin, Shoota, and (as aforementioned) wokeuplikethis*, all of which are some of the artists’ most streamed songs. Carti also has close relations to the group A$AP Mob, which consists of big names such as A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg. Not only did this give him benefits in the rap community, but it also helped him create a name for himself in the fashion community. The fashion brand VLONE was started by Kamoni Chandler, better known as A$AP K. This brand was heavily supported and worn by ASAP Mob, and through his connections with the rap group, Carti was able to expand his talents beyond music. He would be able to collaborate with the brand and drop multiple pieces of clothings all being highly sought after by fans of the artist and streetwear enthusiasts. 

After his debut album being a massive success more than a year later, Carti dropped his second studio album titled “Die Lit” which features prominent rappers such as Travis Scott, Young Thug, Gunna and, of course, Lil Uzi Vert. This album did not disappoint any listeners, but shortly after the release, fans would stop hearing from the now famous artist. After months of fans being neglected by him, people found a new way to listen to his music by leaking it. Leaking music is a huge problem throughout the hip hop community as of right now and no artist is safe, so unfortunately Carti has been affected by this tremendously. If you don’t know what leaking is, it’s where someone hacks an artist’s computer and looks for songs in the files of the computer to sell or release to the general public. There are many things wrong with this as Carti gets no revenue for his leaked songs and watches all of his hard work disappear. Many believe that the work of these hackers leaking Carti’s music is what ultimately led to the hiatus of Carti but there is hope for new music from him as we look into the feature. On Apr. 16th, 2020 Carti dropped his first song in a little under two years and to the relief of the fans none of them had heard it before. With Carti dropping a new single there are rumors of his highly anticipated album “Whole Lotta Red” dropping in the near future. Overall, Carti’s career has had its ups and downs, but the future is promising with him coming out of hiatus and hopefully dropping his album soon.