Written By Maurice Jones-Harris

Ahhhh choooo


Mooove person u got coronavirus 

Ooooo snap u got coronavirus 

We not finna do a thang cause of this coronavirus   

I aint finna take a trip with this coronavirus

Moove gurl u got the coronavirus

Oooo shit u got coronavirus 

Imma chill at crib cause it’s safe here  

Glad I’m not old enough to drink a corona beer

May have to stay at the crib for about a year

And I ain’t coming till I know this thang cleared

I done bought me a mask and gloves 

And I still feel like thats not enough

I aint shaking no hands ion wanna hug

Make sure u wash your hands with a lot of love

If u got that CV don’t get caught up

Ion even wanna get behind 

And have the government come find u 

I’m not even finna hop on the plane 

I’m not even gonna stand in the rain 

I’m not even getting on the train 

Or even stay in my lane 

Imma bouts to stay home and play the game