Coronavirus and the Chaos of Society

Written By Yvonne Amaro

2020 has been an interesting year, with Australia on fire, India and Pakistan on the edge of war, and now this virus taking over the world. It’s a very scary time for us all, so thank you all for staying home and doing your part. Anyways, we can all agree the coronavirus is not the only thing that’s been very frightening . It is how the people in our society have been reacting.

 Unfortunately, ever since the coronavirus has appeared, there have been accusations that it’s the Chinese people’s fault, causing the rise of racism and xenophobia. First, we’ve seen the discrimination on the news. Researchers have found a post about a man where he and his friends threatened to shoot Asian people in New York City’s Chinatown. Secondly, it has become physical. There were multiple teen girls in New York who were charged with hate crimes after they attacked a woman on the bus and made anti-Asian statements, saying she was the cause of the coronavirus. Another case of violence occurred when an East Asian student was beaten while studying in London. Lastly, there’s Tik Tok. You either hate it or you love it. We can all admit though, there is a lot of…interesting content on that app. You know such as the skullbreaker challenge, penny challenge, tide pod challenge, and coronavirus challenge! Fun! (No it’s not.) Unfortunately, a 21 year old influencer on Tik Tok went viral for licking a toilet seat and calling it the “coronavirus challenge”. Many media users followed and licked toilet seats, car door handles and public transport poles. Cleary, people did not take this virus seriously. The influencer, Larz, was later tested positive for COVID-19. This challenge is not only dangerous for people who are doing it, but it is also dangerous to the other people who will use the items.

We can all agree, being stuck all day at home sucks. It helps a lot, however, to flatten the curve of the virus. I want to thank you all for staying home and respecting the rule. I truly mean this in the bottom of my heart. Sadly, not everybody is. There have been people ditching their homes and trying to go to large gatherings, risking everyone. Please do not do this. Remember you are not alone. Stay safe everyone.