Anxiety in a Nutshell

Written By Antoinette Barr-Cooper

Throughout the East High community, many students experience numerous mental obstacles, one of which is the pressing issue of anxiety. Dealing with anxiety is something almost all of us experience at one point in our lives. It is characterized by feelings of constant fear, stress, and apprehension over events that play out in our lives in addition to occasional panic attacks. It can be developed genetically and through past traumatic life experiences. In the present day, roughly 50 percent of the world has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. However, anxiety is most common within teenagers and young adults. Therefore, many teenagers struggle with it throughout their high school experiences. Unfortunately, only one-third of the people suffering from it get it treatment. Many high schoolers are living their lives anxious and depressed, with no treatment whatsoever.

Anxiety is a completely normal feeling to have throughout your life, especially on a high school campus. Generally, teens experience social anxiety and panic disorder, because socializing with other students your own age can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Both disorders affect your ability to socialize with other peers and complete everyday tasks. You fear whether people will accept you or not, you worry about all the homework you didn’t do last night and you worry about making it to school everyday. Life can be so stressful for a teenager, and a lot of pent-up emotions can become very dangerous. Now that you are able to recognize the signs of anxiety, be sure to reach out if you or anyone you know is coping with any sort of mental illness!