The New King of Chicken

If you’ve been paying attention to social media lately, you might have come across the latest deep-fried frenzy on your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feed: the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich. Whether you’ve tasted it or not, I’m sure you have seen the hype surrounding it.  It’s the sandwich that has launched a thousand Twitter battles, and inevitably ruined thousands of Popeye’s workers’ week. The sandwich arrived in early August, and word about it has increased as more people tasted it. 

Well , first, we all know that Popeyes has some of the best fast-food fried chicken. I don’t think anyone can honestly say they’ve been let down by a classic or spicy chicken meal with the binding biscuit and fries. They’re consistently fresh. Yes, I am one of those people that wait for the fresh batch of chicken and fries. We can’t forget to mention the light, fresh batter and rich signature seasoning. The experience itself makes your mouth water. 

The aroma of Louisiana spices…freshly deep-fried fries…and of course the infamous crisp, crunchy, fried chicken that hits your nose the moment you pull the handle on the door of Popeye’s Chicken. 

Throwing their hats into the chicken sandwich game shook, and surprisingly elevated, their status to a whole other level. Twitter users sang in praise of the newly displayed face of the fried chicken chain, and simultaneously compared it to that Other Infamous Chicken Sandwich King, Chick-Fil-A. 

The Sandwich

Take everything good you know about Popeye’s Chicken, and put it in between two, sweet, softly toasted buns. Add a couple of thinly sliced, crunchy pickles, and an unforgettable spicy mayo sauce. It’s undeniably a tiny gem in the sandwich world.

The sandwich comes in a classic or spicy version. The classic comes with the same overall arrangement, just switching the spicy Cajun sauce for a classic mayo. I, of course, got the spicy sandwich because I’ve learned overtime, that I love and have become immune to the tingly, burning sensation of spices in my mouth. The sandwich came out hot, juicy, and crisped out. My first initial bite was heavenly, if I do say so myself. The sandwich didn’t fall apart or spill out grease, the bun absorbed the juiciness and the additional crunch of the pickles added an acidity that equaled out all components of the sandwich. Like a symphony in your mouth, every ingredient served a purpose. I’m sure I devoured the sandwich in a matter of minutes, leaving me with fries and a biscuit in desperate need of some honey. For a $4 sandwich, it’s not only a steal but easily one of the best chicken sandwiches out right now.

The Drama Following

Now, as you can imagine, other fast food restaurants were losing their heads, or were at least a little threatened now that they all have new competition. This is the first time Chick-Fil-A has ever really had any other chicken establishment come for the title of best chicken sandwich. Chick-Fil-A has always had a remotely quiet, uncontroversial social media presence until August 19th, 2019 when the company tried to claim the chicken sandwich throne with a taunting, almost feisty subtweet: “Bun + Pickles + Chicken = all the ❤️ for the original.” Predictively after, Twitter started dragging Chick-Fil-A, and yet Popeyes simply made fun of the rival restaurant by replying “… y’all good?” 

The clutter of being internationally viral, having twitter beef with multiple chicken establishments, and even the sandwich itself did not prepare the company for the Popeyes pandemonium going on in local Popeyes restaurants during that week. 

A group of people at a Popeyes restaurant in Houston, Texas demanded the chicken sandwiches at gunpoint! To say that the sandwich was to die for, am I right? But really, after being told that the sandwiches were sold out, the group of individuals approached the restaurant itself, when an employee took notice of the gun and quickly locked the doors. No one was injured, thankfully, but is the massive demand for the popular sandwich becoming a danger? For the sake of all chicken lovers, let’s hope not. After only two weeks since it’s launch, the sandwich has been discontinued due to lack of supply, and the compensation that workers are getting compared to the work. The past two to three weeks have been the craziest reactions to a menu that I have ever seen. 

Then again, it was a pretty good sandwich.