Best Coffee Shops on Colfax

CULTURE: A quick run down of the best Coffee Shops on Colfax. By Brianna Zampert and Kayla Dunlap. Published in October 2019.

When it comes to coffee, let’s face it; most of us need it to jump-start your battery. Personally, I have a hard time finding good coffee shops near school. To help make your mornings and quick pick-me-up trips easier, we rated five coffee shops on Colfax, and now we’ll tell you if it’s worth buying. Enjoy your coffee addiction guide! 

Lula Rose
This adorable Bohemian shop is on Colfax, just a half-mile away from school, and is honestly so amazing! This is probably our personal favorite out of all five shops. They have dairy alternatives that actually taste good. Their vanilla-iced latte with cashew-oat milk was innovative and delicious. While it was the most expensive option on the list, it is totally worth the price.
Taste: 8.5/10
Price: $7.75
Allergy Substitute: Available
Location: 3434 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206

Omonoia Greek Bakery
Omonoia is a quaint bakery that also sells coffee. It’s just down the block from East, and is known for their phenomenal pastries. This is the second best out of the shops, because the coffee tasted nice and the atmosphere is really cozy. The cute little tables and book shelves add a homely sense to the shop. Anytime you go, you can count on a group of old, Greek men who love to chatter and tell you jokes as you enjoy your rich dark roast. The Greek Latte was fairly good, but it did taste like milk more than coffee. But I’m betting the other coffees are really rich and dark.
Taste: 6/10
Price: $4.37
Allergy Substitute: Not Available
Location: 2813 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206

Everybody knows that this is the most popular, and most crowded coffee place, with it being just under a half-mile away. Almost everyone goes here during Easts lunch break. Starbucks is a good choice, and they are constantly coming out with new drinks to try. Problem is, it’s pretty pricey and the normal coffee isn’t anything special. 
Taste: 6/10
Price: $2.65
Allergy Substitute: Available
Location :2975 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206

Hooked on Colfax
Hooked on Colfax is a really modern shop, and definitely a place I would go to study. Half a mile away from school, it’s easy to get to. Unfortunately, the coffee there isn’t that great, it’s like homework in a cup: just plain boring. Overall it’s an okay place to go,  they do allow you to customize your additions to your drinks yourself, but is far from our favorite coffee shop.
Taste: 4/10
Price: $3.52
Allergy Substitute: Available
Location : 3213 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206

Tattered Cover
Across Colfax from East, Tattered Cover seems like a good option, right? Wrong, there isn’t much to say about Tattered Cover, except this is the epitome of bad coffee. If you want rotting garbage in a cup, be our guest. Enough said.
Taste: 0/10
Price: $4.35
Allergy Substitute: Not Available
Location: 2526 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206