The Little Mountain Town

CULTURE: A poem by Itza Lasso-Karner.

Denver, Colorado.

The little mountain town that’s turning into a big city.

The  elevation is now complemented with the height of skyscrapers and astonishing towers.

The population massively grew yet people never lose the sense of home.

The city received me with open arms when I was only 3 years old.

Although Denver looks completely different from when I first arrived,

I still see the hidden beauty our capital contains.

The dry air and mountain breezes wrap around me with a motherly touch.

The sunrise and sunset caress my eyes with purple and pink beauty.

The afternoon Bronco games complete our unforgettable skyline on a lazy Sunday.

The harsh winter still contains a subtle side to it, as snow wearily falls off of our beautiful trees.

Denver, Colorado will always be my home.